Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unexpected support

Back in November of last year, I went to urgent care for an ear ache and was told my blood pressure was high. Not surprising considering my dad has been medicated since he was 24. She told me to follow up with my doctor, and I also started going to my on-site office nurse (my site has a manufacturing plant, so we have a fire department as well as an RN) for regular monitoring. She knows about us TTC because we discussed my medication, which was chosen specifically because of TTC. In general, the medication seems to control my blood pressure well. At our RE appointment earlier this month, my reading was really high initially. It was lower at the end of the appointment, and I've felt okay since. Today, though, I feel off, and my heart feels as though it's racing. So I went downstairs for a reading.

I told RN that I'd had a high reading at a "specialist appointment" (to indicate it wasn't my PCP) but that I was very anxious going into it, so I expected it to be high, but now I felt off so I just wanted to see where it was. Initially, it was high, but we sat quietly for a few minutes and the next reading was much closer to normal. Without prying too much, she asked what specialist I'd seen. I told her about RE and how we knew the test results going in and we were worried about what our treatment options would be.

Her demeanor softened and she told me that she has premature ovarian failure and that she knows about the fear and the anxiety. I had to keep myself from tearing up talking about it, but it was wonderful to have some understanding from someone. She gave me a big hug before I left and told me I could come vent any time. Bonus: I even feel so much better, and much more calm than I did a half hour ago.

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