Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two years

Today marks two years since we started trying for a family. It also marks a year since infertility has officially been a part of our lives. A lot has changed since two years ago. I remember how excited I was, assuming we’d be expecting in no time. We talked about names and I thought about how we would announce to our families. We thought about how we would decorate and I had a mental list of baby gear I liked. Things are very different now. The room that I once walked by thinking, “that’ll be our nursery” is now part-way through its craft room transformation. I’m working daily at dealing with the loss (even just infertility itself is a big life-changer for couples, much less deciding to walk away from trying anymore) and taking care of myself and my husband emotionally. Still, it’s a sad day for us. I miss this day two years ago when we were hopeful and optimistic for a family. I’m hopeful and optimistic for new things now, but there’s an empty space where a dream once was.

I am thankful that the most important thing - my wonderful husband - hasn't changed. He continues to be my rock, and we continue to be strong and loving. The last year especially has had big challenges and disappointments for us, but if we can get through this, I know we can get through anything life throws our way.


Becky said...

We just hit the 2 year mark a few months ago. It's a hard milestone to get to. I am so glad that you and your husband are so strong. IF can rip apart marriages, so that's so wonderful that you have each other, what a blessing! =)

Mrs.Slick said...

Thank goodness for wonderful husbands! Thinking of you often love <3

Sarah said...

It's so wonderful that you and your wonderful husband are on the same page about IF and your journey. As Becky said, IF can rip apart a marriage. It's inspiring to see a couple navigate the IF journey together.