Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Moving on up!

This past weekend, I met up with 7 of the other volunteers in my area for an appreciation breakfast "hosted" by Resolve. It was amazing to get to meet other support group leaders, help-line answer-ers and one of my fellow Walk of Hope 2014 planners. Did I mention that? I'm the co-chair for planning AZ's Walk of Hope in 2014! After breakfast, one of the other planners - who happens to also be a board member for Resolve - and I got to talk about our strategy for next year's Walk in terms of marketing and approach with the area's doctors. I'm so excited to be getting more involved in an organization and a cause I feel so much excitement for. Turns out, the plan is for me to help plan 2014, and take over as the lead in 2015. Ahhhh! Very exciting. And, even better, the planner/board member is looking to step down from being the coordinator for AZ volunteers so she can focus on her board member position. So she was thrilled that I was interested in taking the coordinator position.

This is truly my passion. It keeps me sane. It gives me a purpose. It turns something awful in our life into something beautiful. Resolve helps give other women and couples the gift I feel so blessed by, and I'd truly do anything to contribute to the cause. I've made it my goal to go to Advocacy Day in 2014, and now I have quite a few other things on my plate, and I could not be more thrilled.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the 75 ladies I hold so dear for being such a support as I find my stride in advocacy. You've given me a confidence I can't repay you for :)

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Katib77 said...

<3 So excited to hear all your adventures this year as you continue to be an awesome advocate!