Monday, March 3, 2014

Why I Walk - 2014

On March 22nd, 2014, I am participating in RESOLVE’s Arizona Walk of Hope. Not just participating, either, I'm the co-chair of the event, which is incredibly exciting and also a little intimidating. But it's my passion, and I'm so excited!

I walk because...

  • I remember what it was like to feel alone
  • People should be more aware of our feelings as infertile couples and the issues that affect us uniquely
  • 12% of Americans struggle directly, yet no one talks about it
  • Legislation could be presented at any time that would hinder couples' rights or ability to choose how they see fit to grow their family
  • Everyone knows someone who's struggling, many times in silence\
  • Infertility is not shameful
  • Myths and misconceptions about fertility treatments persist
  • There is strength and empowerment in numbers
  • I am a RESOLVE peer-led support group host and I am proud to represent them and the other men and women of our community who seek support
  • Currently, support groups like mine are only held in the Phoenix Area and Tucson, and I hope we can bring support to rural and Northern Arizona
  • I believe in RESOLVE's mission to bring about awareness and support of couples who are pursuing their dreams of building a family or who have resolved their infertility by other means. RESOLVE provides support to all couples no matter what resolution they choose
  • No one struggling with infertility should walk alone

I am proud to be a part of the Walk of Hope, and I would be proud to have your support. If you find yourself able, contributions can be made here.

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