Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why I Walk

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On March 23rd, 2013, I am participating in RESOLVE’s Walk of Hope. My mom is joining me, and I’m excited to have her support. So why am I walking?
-          Because I remember what it was like to feel alone
-          Because people should be made more aware of our feelings as infertile couples
-          Because 12% of Americans deal with this
-          Because everyone knows someone who’s struggling, some most likely in silence
-          Because infertility is not shameful
-          Because legislation is being considered in our state that would restrict or even end Arizona
      couples’ options to build their families and I want them to see the impact and strength of our
-          Because myths and misperceptions about fertility treatments persist
-          Because there is strength in numbers
-          Because I am a RESOLVE peer-led group leader, and I am proud to represent them and the  
      other women of our community who need support
-          Because currently, support groups only exist in the Phoenix area and I hope that resources from
      the walk can be allocated to help bring support to Northern and Southern Arizona
-          Because I believe in RESOLVE’s mission to bring about awareness and support of couples who 
      are pursuing their dreams of building a family or who have resolved their fertility by other
-          Because no one should walk alone

I am proud to walk in the Walk of Hope, and I would be proud to have your support. If you find yourself able, contributions can be made here.